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Stagedoor pictures

Destan, what a sweetie. He recognized me from last time which made me smile. Of course, my mom was like, 'did the camera go?' -looks down- and FLASH! Nice shot of our feet. He laughed and was like 'TAKE TWO!'

Ew, could I look any worse? Oh well. Finally got to meet Shaun Earl, and he is one of my new favorite people. I walked over to ask him for a picture and autograph and he gave me this gorgeous smile and said, "Thanks so much for the smiles" -- since I caught his eye several times during the show (and before when he was walking in) and smiled at him. He was such a sweetheart.

Crystal who is just as amazing as Frenchie. Yes, I told her that. She was so flattered.

Enrico was following Shaun through the crowd and I asked if I could bother him for an autograph and picture. Well let me just say, he was so excited to have someone ask him. He was like, "Of course! I'm so happy someone asked!" Or something like that. So I gushed about how I adored his Angel and he seemed really happy and told me to come back again and maybe I'll get lucky. Hah. He's so adorable.

Nicole looks like the devil. Yes, she does. haha but Cary looks kind of evil here too so whatever. I was right by the door when he came out and he saw me, smiled, and started over. Then he was surrounded by thirty girls and I was kind of pushed aside. Yeah, that was amusing. So I waited around and when he was almost done lingered over. He was really nice, as usual. When we gave a standing ovation infront of him and Karmine they both nodded thanks to us, since well, no-one else was getting up. Rude people.

D'Monroe who was amazed by my nails. He remembered me from last time and was glad I came back. (As if I wouldn't..)

Kelly, she's so adorable. She loved my cross and we had a rather interesting conversation about her outfit with Karmine. It was quite amusing.

Karmine emerged from a crowd and I was in her path of running. She was like, "Ah! Did I miss you?!" and signed my playbill and took a picture. I felt bad having to duck down since I'm so tall and when we were done she was laughing and said, "Why was I ducking down too?!" It was so funny. She gave me one of her cards for her site and CD somewhere in our conversation.

RENT lotto Tickets= 60 bucks Bus Tickets for the city= 30 bucks. Seeing Matt Caplan be bombarded by a good forty girls, and circled so he can't escape=Priceless.
This was one of the moments I felt bad asking for a picture, since he never really stays. But I had seen him earlier walk in and he nodded a 'hey' to me in the hall and I really wanted a new picture.. so I lingered around. And everytime I was going to give him my playbill someone ran up. He seemed to find it kind of amusing giving me these 'help me' sort of looks. He was like "finally!" and walked over. I was suprised he was so friendly and actually started a conversation for a couple of minutes. Okay, I know I said I didn't like him any more, but aww with yellow fuzzy hair he's so cute. And he was sweet to me. So whatever.

Kelly came over to say goodbye to us, after my convo with Matt, and my aunt was too shy to ask her for a picture, so I did for her and Kelly jumped right in. She was so sweet as usual. Yes, I'm gushing.
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