nicole (xoboshoexo) wrote,

Robert (the homeless man), Shaun Earl, and me. I was so glad to get to talk to him again since he's really such a sweetie. And my god, his muscles. Aha. Robert kind of jumped in but he's nice and gives me luck so whatever.

Finally I got to see Joko again. He was so cute and when I asked him to sign a playbill for Katie since it was her birthday, he said, 'tell her I said Happy Birthday!'

Destan Owens.

Caplan looking at my mom's camera and not my aunt's (who was taking the picture). But oh well. I got another one with him on my mom's.

Frenchie who was SO nice to me. I was kind of intimidated by her but braved up and walked over. She was like, 'Sure baby!'

Yes, I was mid blink. But Karmine looked too gorgeous not to post. I can't wait until her CD is released.
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