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Ms. Lenz? Oh no..I mean...Mrs.Moss!!!

Stayed after school with Mike and Ashley. In English we made these house out of popstickle stick things...and Hom made the best house ever. Yeah that was fun. Mrs.Moss ended up coloring it. That was someone's poem lesson..Chris Walsh and Glen I believe. Mine's due Tuesday. Sonnet 71. Fun. Ekk..

Harry Potter came out today! Score..I was going to go after school with Heather but we're now going tommorrow. Wow...we're going to be the bunch of scary 16 and 17 year olds surrounding little children. .. Excellent.

Johnson's a moron. A complete moron. What else is new?

My stomach feel like exploding from cramps and I have a headache. -cringe-

Finally got myself a guidance appointment today. Switches out of Bio 2 AP and into Physics. Ugh fun..

Alright so this one kid was fingering some girl in study hall! omfg. It's school. No-one wants to see that!.. yeah I just had to add that cause I thought I was going to be sick after lunch.
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